Body Scripture II, by Ronit Bigal

“Imagine a world where your words appear on your skin. Would you be more careful of what you say?” ~ Ronit Bigal

Ronit Bigal is an Israeli artist that photographs the body completely exposed with layered drawings in black Indian ink. The calligraphy is intimate and hypnotic. As you delve deeper into each image you begin to wonder where the text begins and the body ends. Bigal meticulously presents excerpts from Biblical texts on the human body in her Body Scripture IIseries. The text is so fine, it is nearly impossible to make it out. The landscape of the body flows across the frame and blends with the curvature of calligraphy. Beyond being purely esthetic, the works explore critical questions concerning our relationship with our bodies and faith – two intrinsically intimate forces in our personal lives. In Body Scripture II the body becomes the ultimate canvas of textual complexity.
When discussing her work, Bigal states:

The camera explores the body, capturing different parts, discovering a world of hidden landscapes, textures, and unspoken eroticism. For the artist, this was a journey of unforeseen surprise. Therefore she wraps parts of her photos with floral ornamentation and others with cited calligraphy taken from Biblical texts.

Website: ronit bigal | Saatchi Art

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