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What is common between Bulgarian Christo’s Environmental Art, American Kyle Thompson’s or Australian Bill  Gekas’ or Argentine Martin De Pasquale’s or Brazilian Vik Muniz’s photos, Japanese Odani Motohiko’s sculptures, Ukranian Dmytro and Iuliia’s paper silhouettes, American Janet Echelman’s Aerial Sculptures, English 5-Year-Old Iris Grace’s paintings, Indian Ajanta Caves, Chilean 17-year-old Fredo’s 3D Drawings, Singaporian Ivan Hoo’s Realistic Paintings, Italian illustrator Alessandro Diddi, American Ivy Jacobsen’s Realism Paintings, Indian City Madurai, French Eric Joisel’s Origamis, German Photographer Thomas Herbrich, Israeli Yigal Ozeri’s Hyperrealistic Paintings, Japanese Akira Nagaya’s Hand-Cuts, Iranian Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji’s Architecture Photography, Korean Seung Mo Park’s Wire Mesh Portraits, French Sebastien Del Grosso’s Hybrid Portraits, Azerbaijan Rashad Alakbarov’s perspective sculptures, French Anastassia Elias’ Paper Rolls Art, American Scott Wade’s Dirty Car Art, Dutch Ramon Bruin’s Optical Illusionism, French Patrick Roger’s Chocolate Art, American Alexa Meade’s two-dimensional paintings, English Simon Beck’s Snow Art, Venezuelan Silva Gustavo Nunez’ 3D Paintings, German Gesine Marwedel’s Body Paintings, English Robin Wight’s Sculptures Dancing, American Zaria Forman’s photorealist paintings, French Maud Vantours’ Paper Sculptures, Colombian Diana Beltran Herrera Paper Birds, Russian Moscow’s or Swedish Stockholm Metro, New Zealander Jamie Harkins’ 3D Sand Art, 11-year-ol Serbian Dusan Krtolica Wildlife Drawings, Chinese Qi Xingshua 3D Art, Malaysian Vince Low Portraits, Japanese Hirotoshi Ito’s Stone Sculptures, Australian Fintan Magee’s or English David Walker’s Street Artist, Canadian Guy Laramée’s carved Book Landscapes, Chinese DALeast’s Street Art, Indian Sudarsan Pattnaik Sand Sculptures, Syrian Muhammad Ejleh 3D Drawings,  American Zac Freeman Objects Portraits, French Gil Bruvel’s Steel Faces, French Museum The Louvre, Indian Subodh Gupta’s Contemporary Art and French Lascaux Caves ?


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