The Paintings of Andrey Remnev

Artist’s Statement:  “I was born in the town of Yachroma nearby Moscow. This is a place on a hill, from which a perspective reminding Brueghel paintings opens.The crossed landscape with significant differences of heights, channel between the rivers Moscow and Volga, small rivers and springs, woods, fields and villages, the railway, an ancient town Dmitrov in the neighbourhood, ships going along the channel and trains overtaking them, and so on and so on… – all this I saw through a window of my house since my birth. The view was like a picture, which includes all the variety of the world. So I can say that for my inspiration impressions of my childhood and youths – beautiful nature and the non-ordinary people which surrounded me, are more important.

In a museum of Spaso-Andronikov monastery, Moscow, I copied the best samples of Old Russian paintings of the 15 – 17 centuries. At the same time I worked on my own paintings. By this period I had finally created my individual technique, which was founded on combination of methods of the Russian medieval icon painting, the 18th century Russian painting, composition methods of art group «WORLD OF ART» («MIR ISKUSSTVA») and the Russian constructivism. Following the artists of the past, I work with hand-made colors and use natural pigments ground with the egg yolk.”

Andrey Remnev

Untitled, (2012)

“Bagatel” (2011)

“Echo” 2011

“Quinta Essential” (2010)

“Camouflage” (2010)

“Winter-Spring” (2010)

“Archeology” (2009)

“Migration” (2009)

“Swan Lake” (2008)

“Siesta” (2008)

“Blue Birds” (2007)

“Apples of Gesperids” (2007)

“Papagena and Papageno” (2006)

“Atlantida” (2006)

“Thunder Storm” (2006)

“Chorus” (2006)

“Duel” 2005


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