Driftwood Spirit Sculptures by Debra Bernier

Debra Bernier (b. 1962) from Victoria, Canada creates extraordinary wooden art. She uses natural materials, such as driftwood, clay, and shells to create mesmerising driftwood sculptures. These intricate pieces represent the spirits of nature as human fusing together with the natural material.

Debra lives with her family on beautiful Vancouver Island Canada, immersed in the wild and gentle inspiration of nature. The artist takes on the workshop pieces of wood, which already have a certain shape. The she turns them into incredible forms that look like mermaids, elves, dryads or other creatures native to the fantasy worlds.

She sees each piece of driftwood as a work of art already, created through the hands of Mother Nature. The earth, the ocean, even the moon and its effects on the tides, play a part in the unique shaping of driftwood.

Website: Home – Debra Bernier Earth Sculptures

Source: Driftwood Spirit Sculptures by Debra Bernier

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