Amazing Surrealist Sculptures by Johnson Tsang


Born in Hong Kong, Johnson Tsang (56) employs realist sculptural techniques accompanied by surrealist imagination, integrating the two elements, “human beings” and “objects”, into creative themes.

Johnson started to represent versatile splashes with ceramics. He gives everyday objects anthropomorphic qualities and instilling them with a sense of movement and fluidity. At times comical, at other times sentimental, his creations never fail to inspire a sense of wonder in viewers.


Blog: Artworks of Johnson Tsang

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Dain Yoon, Young Korean Visual Illusion Artist

Dain Yoon is an illusion artist from Seoul, South Korea. She does beautiful body and face illusion paintings using water colors. Although the art look’s photo shopped but they are actually real. She creates such a perfect illusion of eyes, lips and face that can make anyone gazing feel dizzy or freaked out.

Since she was young, Dain Yoon, now 22, had a knack for painting. Her talent allowed her to attend the most prestigious arts schools in South Korea: Yewon Arts Secondary and Seoul Arts High School. She also graduated at the head of her class. Today, Dain attends the Korean National University of Arts.

Yoon’s fascination with the complexity of human beings is what inspires her art works.

“To express the multi-dimensioned perspectives that humans possess, I paint my ideas on my own body. One unique feature about my painting is that subject and the material of my art is the painter myself. Frankly, this is a very difficult process since it is even hard to realistically capture the subject on paper,” Dain told.

“Drawing on my own body through the reflection on mirrors is a very difficult process. Hours of painting through mirror often makes me dizzy,” she added.

When it comes to inspiration, Dain says there is “nothing grand” about her sources. “Anything, even in a very ordinary life, could be great inspirations with different perspectives. But if I were to choose something out of my routine that draws inspiration, I would say that movies often help me twist my perspectives.”

What she wish to do with illusion art has so much more potential. She would like to express her utmost gratitude to those that have shown interests in her art, and she kindly encourage them to continue their attentions because she will be carrying out more diverse and interesting works of art. She hope that the audiences enjoy her works and maybe forget about their worries for couple seconds watching her art works.


Instagram: 윤다인 Dain Yoon (@designdain) • Instagram photos and videos

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Photographs & Painting by Madeleine Gross

Madeleine Gross is a Toronto-based mixed media artist and photographer, who has developed a body of work that combines acrylic brush strokes with photographic prints.

Using her own photographs shot in a variety of locations around North America, she drips, smears, and splashes layers of paint in an expressive fashion. In her recent work, Madeleine has focused on creating subtle narratives using iconic locations and unsuspected human scenery.

The enhanced photographs not only add emotional cues but disrupt and add depth to the frames which now project an element of abstraction.

Madeleine graduated in 2015 from OCAD University with a B.F.A. in Photography.

Website: Madeleine Gross

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Beautiful Vintage Cars

The car as a “work of art

1.RollsRoyce Phantom II

2. Packard Twin Six Sport

3. Buick 94 Roadster

4. Packard Twelve Coupe

5. Packard Twelve Phaeton

6. Packard Super Eight Convertible

7. Lincoln L-Series


9. Mercedes-Benz 540K

10. Auburn 8 98 Cabriolet

11. Rolls Royce Phantom II

12. Horch 855 Spezial Roadster

13. Buick Y-Job

14. Cadillac V16

15. Cadillac 341 Sedan

16. Stutz Model M Supercharged Lancefield Coupe

17. Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Picadilly roadster

18. Duesenberg SJ

19. Auburn 850 Y Custom Phaeton

20. Pierce-Arrow Model 41 Convertible

21. Auburn Boattail Speedster

22. MercedesBenz 500K Roadster

23. Ruxton Roadster



26. Citroen

27. Citroen Traction

28. Peugeot 402 DS

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Susan Dupor

Susan Dupor is a De’VIA artist. A Wisconsin native, Susan Dupor was born Deaf, and currently teaches art at Wisconsin School for the Deaf. De’VIA is short for Deaf View/Image Art, and is an art genre. De’VIA artworks focus on elements of Deaf culture, as seen by Deaf artists. Dupor has done many De’VIA paintings, and her paintings typically include hands, eyes, and various ASL signs/letters. The one she is best-known for is a painting titled The Family Dog, which is shown below:

The Deaf person is the one on the floor in the painting, and all the hearing people are seated on the couch. This painting has touched many, many Deaf people everywhere, including myself, because we recognize ourselves in this painting. (University of Virginia News Story)

Her artist’s statement: “As an artist who is Deaf, I am constantly exploring my identity as a Deaf woman. I have been painting within this theme for the past ten years and my perspective has changed throughout the years. There were moments when I vented my emotions, and others when I wanted to celebrate the uniqueness of Deaf culture and seek the ironies of being Deaf in a hearing world.”

Interview with an Artist: Susan Dupor

Additional links:

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Susan Dupor

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Richard MacDonald Reveals the Infinite Beauty of the Human Body in his Bronze Sculptures

American Richard MacDonald (70) is considered by many to be the world’s preeminent living figurative sculptor. A leading advocate of the neo-figurative movement in the arts, MacDonald’s work has been featured in hundreds of solo and group exhibitions and is represented in important collections worldwide. His art is collected by people from all walks of life – from aspiring aficionados to celebrities and heads of state.

Website: Richard MacDonald Studio

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