Great Murals by Mexican Street Artist Farid Rueda

Farid Rueda (30) is a Mexican street artist known for painting graffiti full of his country’s cultural references. However, the way he depicts these themes is not what you would expect – Rueda figures out new concepts of representing Mexican popular culture without turning it into a cliché. He is primarily known for his murals and other large-scale pieces, but he has been known to paint smaller works as well.


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Raghunath Sahoo, Indian Painter’s Life

Raghunath Sahoo is a popular artist from Bhubaneswar, India. He completed his studies in art from BK Art College in 1995. His watercolor paintings are known for its in depth realism and natural essence. Raghunath is more inclined towards painting real life scenes including children, old people, still life and many more. A very down to earth person who understand the wishes and woes of a common man… his paintbrush sighs at the pain of the gentry and smiles with sentiments of a new born promise. An extra ordinarily brilliant yet so subtle at his work Sahoo carries million moods of human feelings on his palette and portrays them on his canvas injecting life to it with a twist. Shining like a pole star on the sky wish him luck yet more miracle to his miraculous hands…

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“I, the Syrian” by Tammam Azzam

Tammam Azzam (36) is from the younger generation of Syrian artists and lives in exile in Dubai.

Azzam has come to prominence for his art that address the destruction and suffering of the Syrian populace in the face of the tragedies and devastations caused by conflict, as well as the apathy of the international community.

In his words: ‘I’m an artist that’s doing artwork with a political background because of the situation, because I’m Syrian so I have to be involved in what’s happening in my country.’ He adds that he is not a soldier, he doesn’t care about the regime, nor is he fighting against the regime. ‘I’m fighting to support people so this is the difference for me.’

With digital technology, he has created the series The Syrian Museum, which juxtaposes Western masterpieces by the likes of Goya, Picasso, Da Vinci, with images of contemporary Syria and its desolate, defaced cityscapes. By combining images of some of the greatest achievements of mankind with humanity’s self-inflicted suffering and capacity for destruction, the artist highlights the absurdity of this dualism and the atrocity of war. Early in 2013, one of his works from the series went viral on the internet. Entitled ‘Freedom Graffiti’, the image features Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ overlaid as a mural on a bombed, bullet-torn building in Syria.

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Hybrid Sculptures by Korean Kim Myeongbeom

The work of Korean-born sculptor and installation artist Myeongbeom Kim (40) expresses serious environmentalist concerns. He frequently comments on the widespread threat to the natural world in the face of technological advancement and unabridged consumerism. Yet despite this his work often involves a certain surrealist wit proving that using art to approach serious subject matters does not mean you have to divorce yourself entirely from jocular tones.

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Amazing Paintings By Willem Haenraets

Willem Haenraets, born in Heerlen, Netherlands, in 1940, he currently resides in Spain. Willem began formal training at the Academy of Arts in Maastricht at the young age of 16. He continued his studies at the Belgian National Institute for Fine Arts in Antwerp, after receiving a government scholarship. He has exhibited in many countries including Holland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the United States and Japan.
Enjoy Willem’s beautiful impressionistic paintings !