1 Tunisian Village = 150 Street Artists from 30 Nationalities


What happens in Erriadh (Tunisia) is unique. The island of Djerba – known as ‘Island of Dreams’ – has invited 150 international artists to take part in the street art project “Djerbahood”, curated by Tunisian-French artist Mehdi Ben Cheikh. In July and August 2014, artists from about 30 nations travelled to Erriadh to create murals. One of the oldest villages in Tunisia, it has become host to one of the biggest meetings of the modern street art scene.

Walls, windows, doors, gates, and other flat surfaces were covered with a huge variety of murals, many of which were inspired by the rich heritage of Erriadh, one of the oldest villages in Tunisia. From a colorful depiction of a turbaned man, to a palm tree playfully painted next to its live counterpart, to a wide expanse of wall embellished with a beautifully abstract motif, each work of art aims to draw attention to the traditional surroundings with the hopes of infusing Erriadh with new life.



Website: Site officiel – Djerbahood

Source: 1-Tunisian-Village-150-Street-Artists-from-30-Nationalities


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