Dain Yoon, Young Korean Visual Illusion Artist

Dain Yoon is an illusion artist from Seoul, South Korea. She does beautiful body and face illusion paintings using water colors. Although the art look’s photo shopped but they are actually real. She creates such a perfect illusion of eyes, lips and face that can make anyone gazing feel dizzy or freaked out.

Since she was young, Dain Yoon, now 22, had a knack for painting. Her talent allowed her to attend the most prestigious arts schools in South Korea: Yewon Arts Secondary and Seoul Arts High School. She also graduated at the head of her class. Today, Dain attends the Korean National University of Arts.

Yoon’s fascination with the complexity of human beings is what inspires her art works.

“To express the multi-dimensioned perspectives that humans possess, I paint my ideas on my own body. One unique feature about my painting is that subject and the material of my art is the painter myself. Frankly, this is a very difficult process since it is even hard to realistically capture the subject on paper,” Dain told.

“Drawing on my own body through the reflection on mirrors is a very difficult process. Hours of painting through mirror often makes me dizzy,” she added.

When it comes to inspiration, Dain says there is “nothing grand” about her sources. “Anything, even in a very ordinary life, could be great inspirations with different perspectives. But if I were to choose something out of my routine that draws inspiration, I would say that movies often help me twist my perspectives.”

What she wish to do with illusion art has so much more potential. She would like to express her utmost gratitude to those that have shown interests in her art, and she kindly encourage them to continue their attentions because she will be carrying out more diverse and interesting works of art. She hope that the audiences enjoy her works and maybe forget about their worries for couple seconds watching her art works.

Website: dainyoon.com

Instagram: 윤다인 Dain Yoon (@designdain) • Instagram photos and videos

Source: Dain-Yoon-Young-Korean-Visual-Illusion-Artist


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