Susan Dupor

Susan Dupor is a De’VIA artist. A Wisconsin native, Susan Dupor was born Deaf, and currently teaches art at Wisconsin School for the Deaf. De’VIA is short for Deaf View/Image Art, and is an art genre. De’VIA artworks focus on elements of Deaf culture, as seen by Deaf artists. Dupor has done many De’VIA paintings, and her paintings typically include hands, eyes, and various ASL signs/letters. The one she is best-known for is a painting titled The Family Dog, which is shown below:

The Deaf person is the one on the floor in the painting, and all the hearing people are seated on the couch. This painting has touched many, many Deaf people everywhere, including myself, because we recognize ourselves in this painting. (University of Virginia News Story)

Her artist’s statement: “As an artist who is Deaf, I am constantly exploring my identity as a Deaf woman. I have been painting within this theme for the past ten years and my perspective has changed throughout the years. There were moments when I vented my emotions, and others when I wanted to celebrate the uniqueness of Deaf culture and seek the ironies of being Deaf in a hearing world.”

Interview with an Artist: Susan Dupor

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Welcome to Susan Dupor Art site!

Susan Dupor

Source: Susan-Dupor

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