Fiber Artist Jude Hill

In Jude Hill’s words:

“…64 years old …born and raised in new york currently retired and financially stressed, residing on the north shore of long island in the woods with my husband , Soul-o(the cat) , a lot of fabric and a partial water view.

… love of sewing started with making doll clothes and then my own clothes.

…… pieces evolve through a process of thought catching and what-iffing. each one is a sampler of a kind, containing new techniques and ideas, each a study for the next. i use them as metaphors for change and life’s journey. my style is based on layers, the nature of fabric, traditional techniques, unconventional cloth construction and the relationship of sewing to weaving. i call myself an alternative quilter and a folk artist. i would love to be a teacher someday.”

Website: Spirit Cloth

Source: Fiber-Artist-Jude-Hill

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