Student Captured People’s Faces When They Were Told They Are Beautiful

World is full of beauty. Everyone is beauty. Everything around us are beauty. Life is beautiful. But we often miss to emphasize our beauty as we see appreciate the beauty of others!

Each and every one is unique. When we keep blaming and start complaining about ourselves we fail to realize our external beauty along with the inner peace.

Capture the moment by Shea Glover, a very very young photographer (18), student in Chicago (USA).

A video by Shea Glover, an 18-year-old student from Chicago, perfectly speaks to this topic and reveals the harsh truth — we really are our own worst critics.

Published on May27th,

Published on May27th,2015 Youtube #breathebeauty

Glover was working on a high school project where she invited students and teachers to pose for portraits. But it turned out to be much more than that …

I conducted an independent project which evidently turned into a social experiment regarding beauty,” Glover writes.

She invited a bunch of people, some of whom she knew, some total strangers, and asked them to pose in front of her camera. As they were standing there, Glover would tell them the purpose of her project:

I’m taking pictures of things I find beautiful,” she said.

You will not believe the impact this one sentence had on all of Glover’s subjects. Some of them got incredibly shy, others happy, some even got mad, but none of them could hide the raw emotions one simple word caused.

Student Captured People’s Faces When They Were Told They Are Beautiful
Student Captures What Happens When People Are Told They Are Beautiful


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