Sena Runa’s Amazing Quilled Paper Art

For your love
i would do anything
just to see you smile upon your face
for your love
i would go anywhere
just you tell me and i’ll be right there
Sena Runa

There are a million ways to make creative art of paper, but there’s one artist who recently caught our eye: Sena Runa (32), a turkish artist and illustrator, creates stunning quilled paper art made from strips of colored paper and other techniques.

While quilled paper seems simple at first glance, we’ve never seen someone whose work matches Sena’s in terms of detail, color and expressiveness. She makes her creations by bending her raw material, each swirling strip of colorful paper adds life and shape to her bright and uplifting compositions. This art is created by bending or rolling strips of paper and glue their side to the surface. The artist have created here incredible works of art using almost nothing but paper and scissors or knives.

In her words: “I was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1983. After graduating with a BA degree from Marmara University in Istanbul in 2008, I worked as a HR specialist until January 2015 when I left my job and started designing artworks using paper quilling technique as a full time job.”

In her words: “I have been interested in art as long as I can remember, but unfortunately I didn’t study art and design. I have a passion to create things and am very happy I found quilling.”

In her words:”I began quilling two and a half years ago. While I was searching the internet for inspiration to find the right hobby for me, I found a colourful picture that was made from paper using the quilling technique, but I had no idea what it was called. I tried to make it, but it turned out awful! Then I explored many quilled creations online, but soon found my own style of combining paper quilling and sketch. I design my own templates.”

In her words: “Creating your style gives you a sense of freedom. I really enjoy designing things that I’ve never seen quilled by anyone else. I have made more than 180 artworks so far. I sell them around the world and sometimes give them as a gift to my friends and family.”

In her words: “Once I decided to leave the corporate world for good, I opened a new page in my life and decided to follow the passion of my life, art! I am working seven days a week, but I love bringing fruitful colors to the lives of others and I enjoy spreading my joy in many places around the world.”

Source: Sena-Runas-Amazing-Quilled-Paper-Art


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