LATA 65: Grandmas Street Artists!

In Lisbon (Portugal), a ‘gang’ of grannies invaded the streets of the Portuguese capital to fill the walls with their designs. Called LATA 65 (“lata” means “box”), the group aims to teach seniors the basics of street art.

LATA 65’s members have an average age of 74 – although one woman is 92! – and while there are men involved, it’s the ladies of Lisbon who have really embraced the concept with their artistic talents.


LATA 65 is assumed as a project that aims to:
– to bring the less young closer to a form of artistic expression usually associated with younger ones;
– to prove that concepts such as Active Ageing and intergenerational solidarity make more sense every day;
– to demonstrate that Urban Art has the Power to foment, to promote and to value the Democratization of the access to the Contemporary Art;
– to demonstrate that age is just a number.

Instagram: LATA 65 (@lata_65) • Instagram photos and videos
Facebook: LATA 65
Website: Covilhã Urban Art Festival

Source: LATA-65-Grandmas-Street-Artists


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