Katrin Berge’s Surreal Black and White Illustrations

Bergen-based Norwegian illustrator and artist Katrin Berge was born in 1982 in Møre and Romsdal.

Her technique is pencil on paper. She loves to draw animals, insects, and nature.

“Norwegian artist Katrin Berge creates imaginary figures and absurd situations to weave an intriguing tale that is deeply symbolic and surreal. She works mostly in black and white to give her illustrations a dated appeal and it also serves as a haunting design. Her faceless or metamorphosed human figures inspire awe and malevolence and mutated elements of natural world show the fury and ruthlessness of metaphysical forces. Katrin heavily draws inspiration from myths and folklores of Icelandic regions where ancient tales spoke of timeless elements as love, friendship, enmity, honour, and revenge though her art can be interpreted at other levels also as per the viewer’s perception and reaction.”

Artist’s Statement:

I was born and raised in a small place in the countryside on the west coast of Norway, near the old Jugend city Ålesund. I grew up in lush natural surroundings, always curious of the animals and environment around me. I didn’t go to kindergarten, and I always repeat this fact, but I think it might matter a great deal on how I evolved and which interests I developed. Since I spent my seven first years in this world around my family house and had few friends until I started school, I got to spend a great amount of time outside and was connected to nature from a young age. I am very grateful for that today.
Now I live and work as an illustrator and artist in the beautiful city Bergen on the west coast of Norway, about seven hours drive from my childhood home. I’ve lived in Bergen since 2004 when I started my education at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. I completed a master’s degree in illustration in the spring of 2010 and have worked as a freelance illustrator since then.


Surreal Black and White Illustrations of Katrin Berge – Artium Oxide

Source: Katrin-Berges-Surreal-Black-and-White-Illustrations


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