The Paintings of Aron Wiesenfeld

Aron Wiesenfeld

After attending Cooper Union School of Art in New York, Aron Wiesenfeld had a five year career as a comic book artist.  He returned to school in 1997 and earned a BA in art from Art Center College of Design.  Since then his drawings and paintings has been in five solo shows, including a retrospective at the Bakersfield Museum of Art in 2010.  His work has been in numerous group exhibitions in the US and Europe, and has been featured in books and magazines internationally.

Artist Statement:
I find inspiration in a lot of places, and I try to keep my eyes open as much as possible.  I don’t set out with a specific agenda for what I want to achieve in my work because I really enjoy just following my impulses, seeing where they lead, and trying to surprise myself.  I think good images are loaded with potential stories, emotions, and places.
The people in my work are often engaged in coming-of-age rituals.  Some are institutional: weddings, first communions, quinceaneras.  Others are more personal, and harder to define.  The key ingredients of those are solitude and a desperate internal need to distinguish or define oneself.  Like many examples from history and literature, like the shaman’s journey or the Arthurian quest, he or she tests herself on the anvil of a hostile environment, mirroring the internal struggle that is at the heart of it.


“The Lesson”






“The Oath Breakers”

“Train Tunnel”


“The Wedding Party”



“The Night”


Paintings, 2012-2013

“The Tree”


“The Garden”


Paintings 2014-2015



“God of the Forest”



Source: The-Paintings-of-Aron-Wiesenfeld


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