The Hyperrealism Paintings of Denis Peterson

Denis Peterson (71) is a New York based artist of Armenian descent known around the world for his incredible photorealist artworks. As you can imagine, this kind of painting takes a while to complete – around a month, to be exact.

These photorealistic works are visually compelling; often bearing witness to historical evidence of grotesque mistreatment of people by governments, societies, and systemic classism. Many of his provocative paintings have confronted the human condition.

“Several years ago, Denis utilized photorealism as a visual medium through which to portray the unthinkable: genocides. As with his controversial painting series on homelessness, his work centered on the indefatigable human spirit rather than on political and economic crucibles. More recently, he has been painting urbanscapes of gargantuan commercial billboards overlooking crowds of people scurrying about below, often unaware of what social messages loom above” (Poets and Artists magazine)

Website: Denis Peterson


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