Paintings by George Underwood

British artist and musician George Underwood was born in 1947. George joined Beckenham Art School in 1963.
At art school George Underwood became more and more interested in music. As a result he pursued a career in the music world. Along with life long friend David Bowie he made one record (The King Bees ) and also a solo record under the name Calvin James.
After deciding that the music business was not for him, George returned to art studies and then worked in design studios as an illustrator. Initially he specialized in fantasy, horror and science fiction book covers.
Many of George Underwood’s colleagues in the music business asked him to do various art works for them. This led to George becoming a freelance artist. Art work for the first T Rex album and later David Bowie’s Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust album covers established him as a leading and creative art illustrator.
Over this period George produced literally hundreds of book covers, LP and CD covers, advertisements, portraits and drawings.
At the start of the 1970’s George Underwood started painting in oils. His paintings  were influenced at first by the Viennese School of Fantastic Realism –artists which included  Ernst Fuchs, Rudolph Hausner and Eric Brauer. George regarded them as contemporary visionaries like Bruegel and Bosch. He was fascinated by their imaginative visions.
Imagination is the key word in George’s paintings. He rarely uses live models nowadays, preferring to invent people who inhabit their own personal world.

The White Rider

And She Was


The Eulipean

Rhino Syndrome

I Believe in You

Innocent When you Dream

Island of Dreams

Soulful Warrior

Toward the Forbidden City

The Artistes

Turn, Turn, Turn

Turn Again

Knole portrait

Let’s Face it


Website: George Underwood, Professional Artist, born 1947, works from London on commissioned portraits and idiosyncratic paintings.

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