Hilarious Jimmy the Bull by Rafael Mantesso


Brazilian photographer and artist Rafael Mantesso (32) poses his Bull Terrier Jimmy Choo (6) in hilariously imaginative scenes.

Rafael Mantesso always wanted a bull terrier since he was a little boy. When he got married, he decided to make his little family complete by getting his dream dog: A pup named Jimmy Choo (after the famous shoe brand).

Sadly, the marriage did not work out and Mantesso and Jimmy Choo were left to start a brand new life. “My ex-wife took all the furniture in the house and the house was completely empty and white. The only thing I had was [Jimmy],” Mantesso said. Inspired by the dog’s white fur and his empty, white house, Mantesso began a new chapter in their friendship with a simple photo.

Although many people view Jimmy Choo’s breed as aggressive, Mantesso said he’s a very cooperative and sweet canine. “He is the best partner ever, he is loyal, friendly and loves to be the model!”


Website: Jimmy the Bull
Instagram: @rafaelmantesso • Instagram photos and videos

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