Tim Noble & Sue Webster’s Shadows

British artists Tim Noble (49) & Sue Webster (48) make amazingly beautiful exhibits out of ugly and every day objects to show the beauty that everything in the world can create. I was lucky to see an exhibit of theirs and have been addicted ever since. Hope you all enjoy!

“We kept them both going side by side. There are two sides to the work; the shiny side and the dark side. That kind of reflects the two personalities within us.”

“When we make a piece of work we’re constantly looking for something that will take our breath away because if it does that to us we’ve pushed it as far as it will go. We like to look at every different way of making it, it can be very simple or very complicated, but we don’t feel satisfied until we’ve both given it a good going over.”

Website: Tim Noble & Sue Webster


3 thoughts on “Tim Noble & Sue Webster’s Shadows

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