Tiago Hoisel, Brilliant Brazilian Cartoonist


Morgan Freeman

Tiago Hoisel (31) is a Brazil based caricature illustrator who uses digital technology to show a combination of fun and realistic images through his work. His collection of works includes caricature of some of the popular Hollywood characters. These caricatures as well as other comic style human characters are counted among the most sought-after illustrations by Tiago Hoisel.

Angelina Jolie

Al Pacino

Sylvester Stallone

Bruce Willis

Wolverine (Hugh Jackman)

Will Smith

Leonardo DiCaprio

In his word :
“Do it with love. There’s nothing more important in life than being happy and feeling love towards people you live or something you do especially when it comes to work which takes up most of our time in life. Therefore, it’s a great blessing to work with what you love. That’s the way to a great story of success. So, respect your interests, because your interest determines your patience, your patience determines your dedication and your dedication determines your future.”

Mick Jagger

Keith Richards

Rafael Nadal

Hugo Chavez

Davy Jones

Tiago Hoisel loves humour and realism. He is always trying to mix these two passions in his work and found in cartoons and caricatures the possibility of putting these elements together.


Sub Celebrity


He is currently running a studio in Brazil called Techno Image, where they do illustrations, animation, character design, 3D modelling, textures and shaders for advertising campaigns, movies, games, TV series and general animations. Besides illustrating, he is also directing some of the animations produced at Techno Image, working with clients including Coca-Cola, Nextel, Philips, Brastemp, Procter & Gamble.



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