Photographer Diana Cretu speaks about his friend Lucian Stănculescu :

“Lucian Stănculescu is a 33 year old Romanian guy who has been living in France for a while now. I got to know his works several years ago, when we were both active on deviantART.”


I am not particularly sure how to describe his works. He is a mixture between sculptor, painter, sketch artist, designer, digital artist, poet. These may not cover everything. He is very prolific, and I think the count of his works easily goes up to thousands.

His works are both realistic and surreal. They focus mainly on humans, which is usually the starting point from which he just goes nuts. In a good way.

You’ll see.


And, a little related to the above image, a cool animation :


If you liked my selection of Lucian’s works, then you might enjoy his website too: Hypnothalamus.

Source: Hypnothalamus

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