Je Suis Charlie – I Am Charlie

Today, January 7th 2015, is the darkest day of the history of the French Press : 12 massacred in Paris newspaper attack.

Ruben L. Oppenheimer – Dutch Cartoonist

At least 5 cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo magazine were killed during an islamist terrorist attack today in Paris : Cabu, Wolinski, Charb, Honoré and Tignous. 7 other people (including 2 policemen) were killed in the same attack.

Charlie Hebdo, the Paris-based weekly satirical magazine, which was founded in 1970, became famous for its daring takedowns of politicians, public figures and religious symbols of all faiths.

This is a tribute to these men killed for the right to freedom of thought.

Cabu (1938-2015)

Wolinski (1934-2015)
                “When I think that 40 years ago, I was on the barricades.”
“Try to forget all that Dad”

Charb (1967-2015)

Honoré (1941-2015)

Tignous ( 1957-2015)
After “Yes We Can”






AFP News Room

A Wall in Paris



I cried today because all these cartoonists have accompanied my life and it was as if I had lost close friends. A lot of french people cried today.


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