Artist Wendy Tsao Turns Children’s Drawings Into the Most Awesome Plush Dolls Ever

There are many, many reasons  we want to be kids again. No bills, more time to sleep and no irritating  hormones are just a few of these very valid reasons to miss childhood.  Well, artist Wendy Tsao is here to add another reason to the list: she can turn children’s doodles into amazingly accurate plush dolls.

This ingenious idea began in 2007 when Tsao made her first softie (yes, she  calls them that) based on her 4-year-old son’s self-portrait. Realizing  that more parents would want to immortalize their child’s quirky  creativity, she created her very own toy company, Child’s Own Studio.

Of course, running this company can be quite a handful. After all, Child’s Own Studio’s official website points out that she is the company’s creator, proprietor, designer, craftsperson, photographer, marketing  department, media contact and customer service. I don’t know how she does it all when it gets me tired just reading that sentence.

But to Tsao, it all seems worth it. She has created more than 600 unique and  personalized softies from children’s drawings all over the world. Her craft has become so popular that Tsao cannot take orders consistently. She opens up a wait list about once a year and accepts less than 200 of  the orders. Tsao recently opened up her wait list a few weeks ago and it  already filled up.



Website : Wendy Tsao


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