Ribbon Embroidery Art by Premila

Premila is Biju V. Dev’s mum and she is also a very creative artist.

Her passion in her words :

While working as under-secretary in the Govt Secretariat of Kerala (India), I retired voluntarily, just to lead a relaxed life.
In relaxation, we can be in tune with the infinite intelligence which is the source of existence itself. Once we rely on it, it leads us to goodness. My hobbies are part of that goodness, helping me to reflect the beauty within the soul.
Silk ribbon embroidery makes me creative, enthusiastic and fun loving. I would like to share this beautiful energy with people who are interested.


Website: Flowering Season

2 thoughts on “Ribbon Embroidery Art by Premila

  1. Hello…premila…ur name made me stop at this blog…it was my grandmas name…whom i miss dearly…im a keralite as well living in Mumbai…just wanted to say…your creations r a delight to eyes…they r beautiful!!


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