Father Of 3 Uses Photoshop To Take His Daughters On Crazy Adventures

Every photo is wackier than the next.

So you think your dad is pretty bad*ss? Think again. Because John Wilhelm, a Swiss artist, has just redefined it.

Using photoshop, he takes his 3 adorable daughters to crazy fantasy worlds where no kid has gone before.

Though truth be told, it’s hard to say who’s having more fun: 3 daughters feeding a stinky pelican or Wilhelm himself photoshopping these images.

The photoholic construction kit.

Pump up the volume.

Feeding a stinky pelican.


Spaghetti time.

Just a washday in the Swiss Alps.

Don’t touch my book, little sister.

Photo holiday.

Mila Button and Lou-ke the Engine Driver.

Just a little butterfly.

Project ‘Octopus’.


Mom, Dad is over here.

If you enjoyed Wilhelm’s photos, we have a feeling you also might want to see thiscrestive dad drawing sketches.

This what John has to say about himself : (Source : John Wilhelm is a photoholic)

My name is John Wilhelm. I live in Switzerland and call myself photoholic because photography is more than a passion for me; it’s rather an obsession!
I’m not a teacher but an artist. If you have an interesting project you can perhaps get me in. But I’m neither offering trainings nor will I retouch images not shot by myself. To work only with my own pictures is some kind of personal dogma and I stick pretty obstinately to it.

Perhaps I will create tutorials in the future but right now (with fulltime job and 3 little kids) it’s not possible I’m sorry.


Images Source : Father Of 3 Uses Photoshop To Take His Daughters On Crazy Adventures


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