Weekly Fridge Drawings by Charlie Layton

Charlie Layton is a freelance designer and illustrator based in Philadelphia, USA. Every Friday, Layton doodles on his fridge with a dry erase marker. Dubbed ‘Freezer Fridays’, Layton uploads his weekly doodles to an album on Facebook for his friends to enjoy.
Yesterday his friend Rob submitted the series to Reddit where it promptly reached the front page and even the top spot for a short period of time. Each piece takes Layton about 20-30 minutes and he usually completes them over Friday morning coffee.
The recent surge in popularity promptly shut down his website (which is now running again), got him an interview with the Huffington Post and has even spawned a t-shirt website. That’s the power of Reddit 🙂

Charlie Layton: Website | Blog | Store


Source: Weekly-Fridge-Drawings-by-Charlie-Layton


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