Hikaru Cho creates Trippy 3D Paintings

Hikaru Cho is a Japanese artist whose 3D body paintings have been circulating online as of late. With acrylic paints, Cho uses the human body as her canvas; painting zippers, lacesand buttons directly onto our skin as if they were a garment. She also adds sockets and plugs to our bodies to make it seem like we’re cyborgs. Cho was born in Japan and was raised speaking Japanese, but she holds a Chinese passport. Her work often explores the sensation of being different to other people, something she herself experiences in Japan.

Here are some of Hikari Cho’s Trippy 3D Body Paintings:

“You have the right to live free from rape and sexual violence.”
Created for the campaign”My Body, My Rights,” by Amnesty International
(My body, my rights)


“You have the right to know and learn about your body, sexual health and relationships.
(My body, my rights)

“You have the right to choose if, or when, you have children.”
(My body, my rights)

“You have the right to choose who you love.”
(My body, my rights)

“You have the right to make our own choices about our bodies and our lives”

“See right through you”

Some of her amazing works:

Face To Face
(directly painted on head with acrylic paint)

Switch me On” (Painted directly on skin with acrylic paint)

Fire in My Heart” (Directly painted on skin with Acrylic paint)


You can see a lot more Trippy 3D Paintings and also some of the videos on her website Hikarucho.com

Source: Hikaru-Cho-creates-Trippy-3D-Paintings


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