Finger Paintings by Dito Von Tease

Mysterious artist Dito Von Tease is taking finger puppetry to a whole new level with his fantastic  collection of “finger paintings.” Von Tease’s collection features his  finger disguised as some of the most well known faces on Earth. Von  Tease also goes by the name Il Dito (“The Finger” in Italian) and has  been hiding behind his finger, keeping his identity concealed.

Finger puppets can provide hours of amusement.
But  this talented artist has put his digits to even more impressive use by  turning them into lifelike recreations of famous faces.
The inventive Italian, from Bologna, has produced versions of everyone from Dalai Lama and Jesus to Steve Jobs and Hitler.

Dalai Lama Fingerpainting

Jesus Fingerpainting

Steve Jobs Fingerpainting

Hitler fingerprinting


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