Creative Mom Has Been Drawing On Her Kids’ Lunch Napkins Daily For 8 Years

Nina Levy is not your ordinary Brooklyn mom. Apart from being a talented  sculptor, she’s an even more dedicated everyday artist who’s been  drawing on her kids’ lunch napkins daily for 8 years now.
Nina  started her project “Daily Napkins” back in 2006 and now her blog  features a whopping number of more than 900 beautiful napkins. Her art  is both realistic and amusing to a child’s eye. Nina uses art markers  and a few paint markers to create her amazing artworks. She says she  usually gets requests from her two sons but sometimes they are hard to  fulfill, like “I want Nightwing and Kid Flash blowing up the Brotherhood  of Evil while Batman and Superman watch.”
Levy is happy to have recently won the TUACA napkin art competition. Seems like this hobby can turn into something much more! (via Daily Napkins)

Website : Nina Levy

Source: Creative-Mom-Has-Been-Drawing-On-Her-Kids-Lunch-Napkins-Daily-For-8-Years


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