Tape Sculptures by Mark Jenkins

Visual american artist Mark Jenkins (44) creates provocative, balance-challenging installation sculptures and then places them in real-world contexts. From Winston-Salem to  Moscow to the bustling streets of Barcelona, Jenkins has certainly made a  name for himself with his distinct approach to public art. His human  forms come in a variety of incarnations: the newspaper papier mâché man  perched against a Seoul light standard to a blond female mannequin  sporting contemporary dress about the step off the side of a Dublin  building. But recent buzz is around his translucent forms made entirely of packing tape. Check out the time-lapse video below of Jenkins creating one of his tape sculptures for the 2012 Scotch Off The Roll Tape Sculpture Contest.

“Once I have the finished sculpture, I’ll put it out on the street or  in nature or somewhere where it interacts with the environment. Really  it’s kind of the idea of turning the street into a stage and this sort  of urban theater has a life of its own. If you have creative drive, and  you need to manifest it, then you need some sort of medium to do that  through. For me, it worked out with sculpture, and tape just is a means  of doing sculpture.”

Website : Mark Jenkins

Source: http://youarts.quora.com/Tape-Sculptures-by-Mark-Jenkins

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