A masterpiece 1000 years ahead of its time


The Ulfberht Sword was a rare sword recovered from Viking crypts and sites. It is unique in that it is a Medieval Sword made from Crucible Steel, a refined steel that was considered impossible to make.

That’s a bit old… here’s close to how it would look in its glory days.

Sites where they were discovered…

The originals were spelled “†ulfberh†t”  That’s phonetically spelled (Cross) Uniform Lima Foxtrot Bravo Echo Hotel (Cross) Tango.
Some were also discovered, but with lower quality steel, that spelled †ulfberht†. Some experts say these must have been forgeries. The originals are estimated to have been produced from 800-1000 A.D.

Since Vikings have been known to have eastern goods, perhaps they got the steel from the far-east.

It is also thought that the name is Frankish, and that the crosses were known to be used as seals for Ranking Catholics. Was it made by the Vatican? Or did a Viking Smith want to emulate the Romans? Regardless, these swords were the envy of the enemies of those who wielded them. This is a level of advancement that was only seen in Damascus Steel…

or in Steel swords hundreds of years later in European cultures.

It is a metallurgical masterpiece.

National Geographic and PBS did a nice documentary on this, that’s what got me into it. Check it out online or on Netflix. “Secrets Of The Viking Sword”

Think of this the next time you see a steel beam… Or Play Skyrim, whichever is more common.

Hey, this stuff is art, you know 🙂

Crucible steel in medieval swords
Metallurgy | The Adaboy

Secrets of the Viking Sword

Source : A-masterpiece-1000-years-ahead-of-its-time

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