Ellora Caves – Buddhist , Hindu and Jain Rock cut temples

Ellora caves are located in 29 KM N-W of City Auragabad in Maharashtra , India. It was built by Rashtrakuta Dynasty in 5 to10 century. It shows combination of Buddhist , Hindu and Jain tradition as 12 Buddhist (caves 1–12), 17 Hindu (caves 13–29) and 5 Jain (caves 30–34) caves , demonstrate the religious harmony prevalent during this period of Indian history.
It is world Heritage Site. The 34 “caves” are actually structures excavated out of the vertical face of the Charanandri hills. Buddhist, Hindu and Jain rock-cut temples and viharasand mathas were built between the 5th century and 10th century


Visvakarma cave and Sutar ki Jhopadi (Carpenter’s abode)

Cave 12, known as Teen Tal (Three Storeyed

Row of seated Buddhas

Kailasa Cave

Kartikeya (son of Siva) and Digpalas (Gods of cardinal directions

Gajasamharamurti (form of Siva)


Kama (God of Love) and Rathi (Kama’s consort) and Vishnu riding on Garuda,

Nandimandapa, Cave 16 (Kailasa)

Manastambha (a monolithic pillar)

Ceiling painting depicting a group of elephant

Ceiling painting

Jatayu’s attack on Ravana

Kalayanasundaramurti (Sculptural panel depicting the marriage of Lord Siva and Parvati)

Nataraja (Ramesvara Cave)

Siva and Parvati playing dice

Ganga (River Goddess)



Ravana shaking Kailasa mountain

The Goddess of wealth and prosperity, Siddhayika

Matanga (God of wealth) – known as Indra-Sabha

Cave 33  Jagannatha-Sabha

  Cave 32 Indra-Sabha and Cave 33 Jagannatha Sabha

Reference : Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)

Source : Ellora-Caves-Buddhist-Hindu-and-Jain-Rock-cut-temples

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